Pitbull Teams with Echelon as the Exertainment Wars Heat Up

Pitbull is teaming up with Echelon. As an investor and collaborator, the Grammy-winning musician helps the connected fitness company compete in the exertainment wars.

Part of the deal, Mr. Worldwide will take an advisory role with the company. The partnership also includes:

  • Dedicated “Ride with Pitbull” channel on Echelon
  • Co-branded exercise bike and merchandise
  • The Echelon anthem, created by Pitbull and released on his new album

The brand will also be integrated into Pitbull’s upcoming concert tour, with the artist noting: “We will create our own meta-verse in the fitness world.”

A familiar tune. Hitting two trends we’ve detailed: Music as a Moat and The Metaverse of Fitness, interactive artist partnerships are quickly becoming the status quo.

  • Peloton landed Beyoncé and hosts music battles/themed rides.
  • Jay-Z invested in equipment brands CLMBR and LIT Method.
  • Timbaland invested in Liteboxer’s recent $20M Series A.
  • Apple tapped musicians like Lady Gaga for Fitness+ playlists.

Big Money. Digital and at-home fitness companies are shelling out millions of dollars on licensing deals with major record labels. Soon, Universal Music Group expects the leading fitness platforms to be among its top revenue generators, alongside the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

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