Massage Studios Tap Into Recovery, Tech Trends

The Now

Benefiting from recovery’s rise, the massage business is booming.

  • Booked by 25% of Mindbody users, massage was 2023’s most popular wellness service.
  • Consumers spent $20.1B at spas in 2022, averaging $111 per visit, per ISPA.
  • Employment for US massage therapists will rise 18% over the next decade.

A mainstay of retreats, hotels, and day spas, the massage industry is poised to grow as consumers prioritize preventative wellness.

Feel Good Inc. Traditionally a premium service, franchise concepts are making massage more accessible.

Taking a page from boutique fitness, brands are elevating the bodywork experience.

  • Adding to 1K+ US outposts, Massage Envy introduced its first clinic-style concept with skincare and recovery tech last fall.
  • Squeeze, an app-driven studio from Drybar’s founders, will count 20 sites by year’s end.
  • Ritual-oriented, retreat-like boutique The NOW opened its 60th location this year.

All hands. Since Hyperice and Therabody introduced massage guns to the masses, gyms and wellness studios have adopted percussive tech. A step further, Equinox added Aescape’s robotic massage beds at 10 sites.

Elsewhere, Remedy Place debuted a $12K full-body massage device, while Myodetox uses massage as a physical therapy tool.

Looking ahead: As recovery, self-care, and holistic healing converge, massage is moving from extravagance to mainstream ritual.

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