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Remedy Place

A practicing chiropractor and concierge wellness consultant, Dr. Jonathan Leary has spent the last four years pioneering the social wellness club, Remedy Place.

Establishing a destination for meaningful connection and holistic healing, Leary shares the brand’s plan for expansion, including more clubs, the debut of Tech-Remedy consumer wellness technologies, and expanding into the events and hospitality space.

Tell us about the wellness experience at Remedy Place.

Jonathan Leary: At Remedy Place, our in-person experience is designed to transform the way people socialize and make them feel better.

When developing the concept, it was clear to me that I needed to be completely different from a clinic, traditional spa, or wellness center. I set out to create a new category, social wellness clubs, that focus on three core pillars: self-care, human connection, and design. The moment someone walks through our doors, they enter an environment that is carefully curated to positively alter their physiology.

How are you adapting to an expanding definition of well-being?

JL: Our approach, what we have coined as Social Self-Care™, is evolving to meet the changing needs of our guests. We recognize that being healthy isn’t just about physical health and fitness; it encompasses every aspect of one’s life.

As such, we offer a diverse range of experiences, from innovative Tech-Remedies to alternative medicine doctors and group experiences. Another key differentiator is, unlike a spa where you do things alone, Remedy Place experiences are designed to enjoy with others.

Well-being is not just about addressing symptoms; it’s about understanding and addressing the root causes of health issues. Our holistic approach is rooted in the belief that the body has the innate ability to heal itself when given the right tools and support. This philosophy drives our commitment to providing education and resources that empower individuals to take control of their most valuable asset: their health.

In expanding our definition of what it means to be healthy, we’re reaching beyond the traditional boundaries to embrace a more comprehensive and inclusive approach. We aim to meet people where they are, whether that’s offsetting one of their life stressors, finding a healthy alternative for one of their normal social activities, or trying to maximize their individual potential to achieve their personal and professional goals.

What’s the plan for physical expansion?

JL: We are at a very exciting time in the company with a strong foundation to start scaling!

Beginning in 2024, we plan to open two clubs per year, with our New York City – SoHo club welcoming members and guests in Q1. While this is the only location we can publicly share, there are new and differentiated markets on the roadmap to follow.

When selecting new markets, we know exactly where to go based on our data. After nine years in private practice and four years building Remedy Place, we have more information than ever on our consumer base.

We listen to our guests, know where they live and travel, and are constantly reminded of where we need to be to ensure we’re supporting their lives and routines on the go.

What’s your vision for Remedy’s new consumer product range, Tech-Remedy?

JL: The motivation behind the Tech-Remedy Collection stems from my years of clinical practice, where I personally witnessed the impact of various modalities and technologies on patients’ healing processes.

Over five years, I conducted my own clinical research, gaining valuable insights into what was truly effective, beyond traditional academic knowledge and research findings. This experience not only improved my patient care but also informed the selection of modalities we offer at Remedy Place.

As Remedy Place gained momentum, I found myself with less time to see individual patients. It became evident if I wanted to make a broad and lasting impact on global health, Remedy Place was the way forward, with its potential to reach and help more people.

However, expansion has its limits, and people from all over the world began reaching out, expressing a desire to engage with the clubs and experiences. Given the logistical impossibility of being everywhere, we decided to design a product line offering the same transformative technologies and modalities we use in our clubs for consumers to enjoy at home.

Who is the target user, and what kind of demand are you seeing?

JL: The target user for the Tech-Remedy Collection is anyone who values their health and seeks convenient and effective solutions for optimization in their daily lives.

Our inaugural product, the Remedy Roller, is kick-starting the new collection as a truly unrivaled innovation. It incorporates innovative features, including red light technology, natural beachwood balusters, and voice-guided treatments. These elements seamlessly work together to provide myofascial release and full-body massages for every inch of your body.

Beyond simply offering one of the best massages you’ve ever experienced, it promotes increased blood flow, improved range of motion, and even stimulates collagen production.

Our products will cater to a broad spectrum of users, from those aiming to address specific health concerns to individuals who prioritize proactive wellness maintenance.

The demand for the Tech-Remedy Collection has been remarkable, driven by an increasing awareness of the importance of well-being in today’s fast-paced world and after enduring the obstacles of the pandemic. As more people seek ways to integrate preventative practices into their daily routines, we aim to supply them with innovative and design-forward products that make them feel better.

What role will the commercial and hospitality segments play in the out-of-club business?

JL: Beyond our brick-and-mortar clubs, we’re expanding our brand into various new verticals, including a new arm of the business as an event company. We proudly say we can “Remedy any event,” and we have been hired globally to bring the concept of Social Self-Care to a wide audience.

Whether it’s the Cannes Film Festival, backstage for touring artists like RÜFÜS DU SOL, in the Kardashians’ backyard, or partnering with renowned companies like TAO Group, Soho House, Athletic Greens, PUMA, or HBO, we’re privileged to collaborate with the best and introduce healthy social experiences to their events. This shift underscores the significant changes in human behavior and our world, and it’s so cool to watch.

Moreover, we’re working on some life-changing partnerships that allow us to venture into new industries. As every sector seeks to enhance its wellness offerings, they’re turning to Remedy Place, and myself as an advisor, to pioneer groundbreaking collaborations. Over the next few years, you can expect to see some truly exciting endeavors take shape.

Ultimately, my goal is to do extraordinary things with exceptional people, enjoy the process, and collaborate with other brands to make a lasting impact and create a meaningful legacy.

What can we expect in 2024?

JL: In 2024, you’re going to see a huge evolution of the Remedy Place brand that is more luxurious, more hospitable, more innovative — and a lot of things that are completely unexpected.

Our vision for the future of Remedy Place is expanding each day. What once started as a dream to outpace leaders in wellness or hospitality has grown into a mission to impact more lives and help more people than any other health or wellness company worldwide.

I’m confident that we’re precisely where we’re meant to be. Looking ahead, our plan is to remain focused, work tirelessly while prioritizing our own health, assemble an exceptional team, and continue nurturing authentic relationships with those around us, all while making sure everyone feels better along the way

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