Sanctum’s Wellness Raves Debut Stateside


Mass wellness events are peddling meaning.

The latest: European event organizer Sanctum will make its US debut in 2024 after partnering with luxury resort operator Auberge.

Need to know: Occupying famous venues and outdoor spaces, Amsterdam-born Sanctum engineers euphoric mindful movement experiences through community, self-care, music, yoga, and dance.

Combating loneliness, tech addiction, and more, the four-hour retreats attract thousands. Expanding its base, Sanctum is heading to California in January, followed by appearances in Texas, Connecticut, and Colorado.

Spiritual Movement

Seeking a deeper sense of meaning, consumers are craving IRL connection — and brands are co-opting ancient religious rites into secular wellness gatherings.

  • Since 2013, Daybreaker has hosted sober morning dance parties across all seven continents.
  • Entering its 12th year, Yoga on the Rocks sells out sunrise yoga + music sessions at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.
  • Toronto-born bathhouse Othership holds records for an 850-person breathwork event and 1.8K-attendee cold plunge in Lake Ontario.

Looking ahead: Hooked on a feeling, consumers are spending big to reconnect — making recovery, self-care, and social immersion regular practices. So, Sanctum and other experiences that offer a natural high will continue to be a hot ticket.

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