Scott Frohman, Founder & CEO of Odyssey


In this Q&A, you’ll hear from Scott Frohman, founder & CEO of Odyssey, maker of functional energy drinks. Scott shares how his own experiments with cognitive- and mood-boosting mushrooms led to an ingredients-driven drinks company that supports a vibrant lifestyle.

Tell us about Odyssey.

Scott Frohman: Odyssey is a first-of-its kind beverage offering an unparalleled functional approach to the traditional energy drink.

Unlike incumbent options, Odyssey leverages a synergistic blend of natural ingredients with 2,750mg of adaptogens. Meticulously formulated to enhance focus, memory, and overall cognitive function, it promotes sustained mental energy without the crash.

With its unique approach to functional ingredients and absence of added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, or sweeteners, Odyssey sets itself apart from the rest.

What led you to pursue this opportunity?

SF: After realizing the benefits of functional ingredients like lion’s mane and cordyceps in my own life, I discovered how few innovative, healthier sources of these were on the market.

So, I embarked on creating a convenient option that led with better ingredients. With a commitment to introducing a game-changing product to the market, I founded Odyssey to empower people to choose a healthier beverage option that supports their everyday needs.

How did you turn your idea into a company?

SF: The response for Odyssey was incredible out of the gate.

When working on the formulation for the product, I knew I wanted to create something that consumers could taste and experience the difference.

This was key to our growth, because when our retail partners, investors, customers, and employees experience our commitment to creating something effective and delicious, they become true fans and advocates for the brand.

How big can this get?

SF: Through our various SKUs, we tap into the energy drink industry, a market projected to reach over $176B by 2030, as well as the functional beverage market, expected to top $339B by 2030.

Our strategy is to capture attention across categories by focusing on healthy, real ingredients that provide unparalleled flavor to potent, functional mushrooms.

How do you reach your core customer?

SF: Odyssey supports a consumer lifestyle defined by enjoying life to its fullest.

As more people become familiar with the potential benefits and support functional mushrooms can provide to a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle, we’ll tap the evangelists who’ve experienced it first-hand through our incredible product.

What’s next on the roadmap?

SF: We’re continuing to see incredible momentum in retailers, and in the upcoming months, we’re expanding retail availability into more stores.

The response from consumers and retailers has been so amazing that we’re continuing to add new distribution partners to meet the demand for our products nationwide.

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