Superpower Lands $4M for Concierge Longevity Care

Superpower wants to be the Tesla of healthcare.

Model S. Emerging from stealth, the longevity care startup announced a $4M pre-seed raise led by Susa Ventures. Opening its waitlist, Superpower plans to onboard members this year.

Imagining a new model of medicine, the company combines expert clinicians, comprehensive diagnostics, and AI to provide personalized health plans via its 24/7 digital clinic.

Analyzing disease risk, body composition, hormones, sleep, brain, aging, metabolism, gut, toxins, and more, it’s packaging preventative concierge care for the masses.

For the people. Deprioritized by the current system, healthy Americans have nowhere to go until it’s too late. Looking upstream, healthspan-focused startups are stepping in.

In 2023, Lifeforce raised $12M to help middle-agers thrive, and Tally Health secured $10M for personalized anti-aging. Broadening the scope of care, health optimization platforms Function Health and InsideTracker integrated with Equinox and Fitness SF, respectively.

A caveat, these platforms cost consumers out-of-pocket. But, frustrated by a fractured system and insurance denials, many will pay for quality and convenience.

Looking ahead: Proactive healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege of the 1%, but mainstream institutions won’t change anytime soon. Building from scratch, longevity platforms pose an answer, but they’ll have to prove they’re more than a shiny UX.

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