Tally Health Lands $10M for Personalized Longevity Platform

Tally Health

Health optimizers are fine-tuning their biological clocks.

What’s happening: Human longevity company Tally Health secured $10M in seed funding led by Forerunner Ventures, with participation from L Catterton, G9 Ventures, and Second Sight Ventures.

Star power. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Hart, and Zac Efron joined a long list of celebrity investors backing Tally. 

How it works: Analyzing a cheek-swab epigenetic test to determine biological age, the membership-based Tally app delivers personalized insights and lifestyle recommendations — including taking its proprietary longevity supplement, Vitality.

According to co-founder Dr. David Sinclair, an acclaimed biologist and co-director of aging research at Harvard Medical School, healthy habits—not genes—are the fountain of youth:

“Our genetics determine less than 10% of our longevity; more than 90% is a result of our daily lifestyle choices and environment, and much of the research and interventions in the near future will be focused on extending the human health span.”

Age of Epigenetics

Consumers are sick of being chronically sick.

Seeking alternative solutions, the anti-aging and longevity market is primed to explode, reaching $27T by 2026 and its AgeTech segment hitting $2.7T in the next two years.

Aging well. As healthcare, wellness, and longevity converge, more consumer brands promise to narrow the gap between lifespan (number of years alive) vs. healthspan (number of years in good health).

Touting DIY diagnostics, precision nutrition, hormone treatments, and personalized coaching, healthspan-focused startups are scaling up:

  • TruDiagnostic, 10X Health, Elysium Health, MyDNAge, GlycanAge, and iAge all offer epigenetic clock assessments.
  • InsideTracker, a platform using nutrition to improve healthspan, raised $15M last fall.
  • Last November, Quest Diagnostics launched fitness-focused blood panels and a health quotient score to track over time.
  • In January, VitaDAO, a decentralized longevity research community, raised $4.1M to commercialize anti-aging technologies.

More than feeling good, aesthetic anti-aging franchise Serotonin Centers signed six- and 10-unit deals to bring its hormone therapy boutiques to Boston and Southern Virginia. Meanwhile, hybrid aging wellness clinic Modern Age tracks its treatments with blood, bone, and subjective assessments.

Looking ahead: Like other companies sidestepping healthcare for general wellness, most epigenetic services lack FDA approval. But, with a 270K person waitlist, Tally Health—and the myriad of competitors to follow—might be around long enough for the science to check out.

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