The Peloton of ‘X’ Trend Goes Global

Peloton’s rise to prominence kicked off the connected fitness wars.

Now, the category, including Hydrow, Tonal, Zwift, MIRROR, and many others, has attracted billions in venture funding.

Beyond the US, the Peloton of ‘X’ competition has gone global.

  • China’s smart fitness startup Fiture added $300M in Series B.
  • TREAD, an India-based connected fitness startup, was acquired by
  • VAHA is an interactive workout mirror out of Germany.
  • Volava is building a connected fitness platform in Spain.
  • MAGIC targets the UK and EU with its strength-focused workout mirror.

A trend from the 2021 Fitt Insider Outlook, fitness is in the early stages of international expansion: “The global fitness and physical activity economy will reach $1.1T by 2023, with Asia, North America, and Europe accounting for 90% of the current spending.”

Patent wars. As US-based companies like Peloton, Echelon, and ICON Health & Fitness become increasingly litigious, the new class of international connected fitness startups begs the question: What technology is truly defensible?

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