TRX Acquires YBell Fitness


Functional equipment brand TRX acquired YBell, makers of versatile strength training tools.

Why it matters: Best known for its suspension training system, the deal expands TRX’s equipment and patent portfolio while boosting distribution for YBell’s ergonomic free weight/kettlebells among consumers, gyms, and fitness professionals.

In particular, according to TRX founder Randy Hetrick, YBell’s innovative design aligned with his company’s “low-frills” offering:

“Combining a kettlebell and dumbbell into a single piece of equipment that improves the experience of both is one of those generational inventions that we strive to offer to the market.” 

Back to business. After the company filed for bankruptcy last year, Hetrick acquired TRX in an effort to revive the brand.

Evolving to meet the needs of hybrid exercisers who favor strength-based workouts, the company expanded its offering to include a host of functional fitness products while also enhancing its digital content platform.

Additionally, claiming a community of 300K certified trainers, TRX is also vying to bolster its education and commercial business units.

Fitness for all. On the Fitt Insider Podcast Hetrick discussed his aspiration to make physical activity more accessible, saying health and fitness “should not be limited to the wealthy.” But, he added, the industry has to do a better job of appealing to health-seekers beyond the already-fit.

Looking ahead: As the turnaround continues in pursuit of that goal, it will be interesting to see how big a role M&A plays. Likewise, as the iconic brand gets its house in order, it could become an acquisition target itself.

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