Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Gut Care Supplements Surge

The Vitamin Shoppe

New leading supplement categories are emerging.

What’s happening: The Vitamin Shoppe’s latest report highlights how popular wellness trends are shaping supplement choices.

Ozempic. The GLP-1 frenzy sparked demand for weight loss-related aids, sending the supplement retailer’s sales of sugar control products up nearly 40% and berberine >50% in 2023.

Protein supplement and meal replacement sales were also up 15% industry-wide — fueled by drug takers seeking nutritional support.

Healthspan. More than living long, consumers are focused on feeling young. As more prioritized long-term function, its cellular health products spiked 45% YoY.

Gut Care. Discussion of bloating and bowel movements has been destigmatized on social media, giving rise to modern probiotic brands and a revamped digestive health category.

Making gut-friendly tradeoffs, industry-wide digestive health drink sales were up 22%, high-fiber yogurt 30%, prebiotic sodas >220%, and probiotic candy >130% from Oct. ’22–’23.

Womens Health. The store’s women’s health section saw an influx of 40+ new products, with more brands cashing in on the $17.8B global menopause market.

Across all ages, girls are seeking natural and herbal solutions for reproductive health — from PMS to prenatal.

Chill. Functional beverages are still booming, but consumers are craving cleaner energy.

Anxiety and stress relief were top drivers of functional drink choices, with L-theanine-infused coffee and tea gaining 70% from Oct. ‘22–’23, per SPINS.

Takeaway: As consumers get specific about desired outcomes, targeted supplements are in high demand. This year, weight loss, longevity, women’s and gut health are top of mind.

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