With New Funding, Fiit Plans Hybrid Future


Fiit, a digital fitness platform, crowdfunded £1.02M ($1.33M) to build hybrid fitness studios and develop connected fitness equipment with partner Assault Fitness.

HIITing its Stride

The UK-based fitness brand launched in 2017 with an all-digital offering of high-intensity classes. Since then, it has been laying the groundwork for a more omnichannel future.

  • In 2021, it partnered with budget gym operator The Gym Group to launch club-in-club HIIT programming. In 2022, that deal was extended.
  • Last November, Fiit inked a deal with Assault Fitness, creators of a CrossFit-favorite air bike, to create original workouts on its app.

Now, Fiit and Assault Fitness are working on a smart version of the bike, as well as treadmills and rowers. A unique form factor for connected fitness, it plays into a growing reality for exercise adherence: it saves time.

Unlike riding a stationary bike, anyone who’s ever ridden an AssaultBike knows it doesn’t take much to get a killer workout.

It’s something Hydrow CEO Bruce Smith spoke to on the Fitt Insider Podcast:

“There’s a hunger for things that are efficient. Time is the most valuable commodity we’ve got and, really, bike companies have a hard thing to sell.”

Looking ahead: With a distribution footprint in 70 countries, Assault hopes its ultra-efficient calorie-burning machine reaches new heights. And with confidence in its AssaultBike-centered HIIT concept, Fiit will broaden its IRL activations.

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