#113: Melissa Bentivoglio, Co-founder and CEO of Frame Fitness

Today I’m joined by Melissa Bentivoglio, co-founder and CEO of Frame Fitness — makers of a connected Pilates reformer.

In this episode, Melissa shares how her experience as an athlete, instructor, and designer led to founding Frame. We talk about the company’s $5M funding round that included 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov. And we cover content, community, and manufacturing as the company prepares to ship products in 2022.

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Melissa Bentivoglio is a classically trained ballet dancer and a renowned pilates and fitness instructor. Melissa credits her dedication to pilates as having changed her life after years of elite level performance. In 2018, she designed her own proprietary reformer for use in her own studio. By launching Frame, she hopes to make pilates more widely available and accessible, so that everyone has a chance to improve their quality of life.

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