#114: Krisna Bhargava, CEO of Arena

Today I’m joined by Krisna Bhargava, CEO of Arena* — the complete mobile smart gym.

In this episode, we discuss Arena’s innovative strength training solution and its focus on human performance — including athletes, strength coaches, and physical therapists. Krisna details the company’s plan to accelerate growth. And we cover Arena’s mission to replace the dumbbell.

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Krisna Bhargava, PhD is a scientist turned entrepreneur whose lifelong love of fitness began with martial arts, skiing, and hiking. Krisna has an extensive background in automation and biophysics, bringing the view that strength training is the foundation of reaching peach performance as much as it is preventative healthcare.

Arena is led by experts in robotics, hardware product development, and exercise science: Zachary Rubin (Founder), Ian Bruce (VP Engineering),  and Albert Matheny IV (Director). The company previously raised $8.7M to bring the first portable, rugged digital strength training solution to the market. Their product, the Arena Platform, recently began shipping to customers and is designed and manufactured in the US.

*Fitt Insider is an investor in Arena

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