#189: Dr. Andrew Brandeis, Co-founder & CEO of OK Capsule

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Today, I’m joined by Dr. Andrew Brandeis, co-founder & CEO of OK Capsule, a private-label supplement manufacturer and distributor for DTC wellness brands.

Meticulously formulated and scientifically backed, Dr. Brandeis and team have developed 70+ supplements that prioritize quality, transparency, and efficacy, providing companies and their clientele with a custom wellness solution through daily vitamin packs.

In this episode, we discuss OK Capsule’s B2B platform for performance nutrition and how technology can disrupt the traditional supplement industry. We also talk about how wellness brands can use personalization, convenience, and design to stand out.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How Andrew’s B2B approach plays to his strengths
How OK Capsule’s tech streamlines manufacturing, packaging, and distribution
Andrew’s perspective on AI and how it will affect the future of medicine

OK Capsule Website
Andrew’s Email: andrew.brandeis@okcapsule.com

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:31) Andrew’s background
(01:57) The power of supplements
(02:57) Challenges in the supplement industry
(05:20) Current state of the industry
(07:49) Personalized supplement experience
(09:16) OK Capsule’s business and strategy
(12:17) Future of personalization in the supplement market
(13:16) Scaling personalization
(16:44) Supplement industry misconceptions
(17:35) Compliance and regulation
(18:54) Importance of customer experience
(21:45) OK Capsule vs. other supplement companies
(24:28) Future roadmap
(26:15) Growth strategies
(27:26) Integrating AI
(31:48) Brand loyalty is losing to convenience
(32:34) Online sales process for supplements
(35:11) Potential opportunities and product expansion
(40:37) Conclusion


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