#90: Aaron de Jong, CEO of movr

Today I’m joined by Aaron de Jong, CEO of movr — an app that makes healthy movement more accessible for everyone.

In this episode, we talk about Aaron’s journey from fitness instructor and studio owner to startup founder. We discuss the company’s approach to improving mobility and strength through movement assessment and mini-workouts. And Aaron shares his plan to bring movr’s technology to other fitness platforms.

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Aaron de Jong is the founder of the movr app an exercise prescription tool built to help you move and feel better every day. He has a B. Ed in Physical Education, over a decade of experience as a personal and group strength instructor in his studio in Vancouver, and is a current lululemon Train Ambassador. Aaron enjoys finding ways to move his body, whether it’s outdoors, trail runs, on his road bike, or moving kettlebells around. Stumbling through life with dry humor, eating popcorn, playing with his newborn daughter, and educating people how they can improve their health are all passions of Aaron’s. You can reach out to Aaron directly aaron@movewithmovr.com or by downloading movr to your smart device.

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Disclosure: We’re investors in movr, and we’re excited to support Aaron and team on their mission to promote healthy movement. 

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