Apple’s Glucose Tracking Quest Continues


Apple’s still chasing the holy grail of health monitors.

The latest: Bloomberg reports Tim Millet, the company’s vice president of platform architecture, will oversee continued development of its noninvasive glucose monitor.

In February, the 12-plus-year-long project hit a breakthrough, proving its needleless, chip-powered blood sugar device works — but it’s still too large for the Apple Watch.

Millet, a 19-year Apple vet and Mac chip expert, could be key to helping the team shrink its proof-of-concept to wearable size.

Apple M.D. Apple’s ambition to become the “center of health” was underscored in its 2022 Health Report. Since then, it has teed up new tools for mental and physical well-being.

  • June 2022: WatchOS 9 upgrades sleep, exercise tracking, and more, while adding an AFib History feature, supported by an FDA-approved ECG.
  • June 2023: Targeting mental health, it adds mood tracking to its Health app and releases Journal, a mindfulness-inspired diary app.
  • July 2023: The company readies next-gen AirPods that screen for hearing issues and sense body temperature changes.

Long term, Apple envisions a future where wearable data is shared seamlessly between doctors and patients, enabling hyper-personalized treatment plans. And, building in accountability, it’s developing an AI-powered health coach to tie it all together.

Looking ahead: Ubiquitous and armed with capital, Apple has become a one-stop shop for consumer healthcare. Now, committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry, it’s gradually progressing from preventative wellness monitoring to FDA-approved tech and medical devices.

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