Community, Trail Sports Top Strava’s Annual Report

Social connection is driving digital and IRL workouts.

What’s happening: Analyzing the activity data of 120M global users, Strava’s annual trend report reveals the behaviors and motivations of exercise seekers.

Social fitness. Across generations, users say social connection is the number one reason to work out with others.

  • Inspired by their inner circle, over half of Strava athletes are most motivated by family and friends who exercise.
  • Staying in touch digitally, 77% of Gen Z users feel more connected to friends and family who post activities to Strava.
  • Forging community, 84% of Strava users say the platform helps them combat feelings of loneliness, even if they’re exercising solo.

On the move. Running, trail sports, and walking were among the most popular activities, with gravel cycling and trail running increasing 55% and 16%, respectively, from last year.

Of note, activities vary by age — Gen Z users were almost twice as likely to run as bike, while Boomers were twice as likely to upload rides vs. runs.

Gen Z also opted for shorter runs and rides, increasing the intensity but dialing back the duration of workouts.

Takeaway: Bringing people together in person or building digital connections, Strava’s report signals the desire for and power of community. Taking note, there’s an untapped opportunity for brands that can leverage network effects, gamification, and remote relationships to inspire action and eliminate isolation.

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