Digital Personal Training App CoPilot Adds $6.5M


CoPilot raised $6.5M to connect fitness coaches with exercise seekers.

The Series A-1 round led by Jackson Square Ventures brings the digital training company’s total funding to $16.5M.

It’s personal. One-on-one coaching is a powerful tool for behavior change. But, in-person personal training sessions can be pricey and inconvenient.

Making the service more accessible, CoPilot’s app matches users with a human coach to deliver personalized workouts. Adding a layer of accountability, the client-coach relationship continues via chat or check-in calls, with the app guiding each session.

With more than 1.5M workouts completed to date, CoPilot plans to enhance its fitness offering while adding new categories like nutrition, mental health, and physical therapy to the platform.

10x trainers. Instead of trying to replace human trainers, more companies are leveraging tech to empower them.

  • Since 2018, Future has raised $110M+ for remote personal training.
  • In 2020, Caliber raised $2.2M to launch its digital coaching platform.
  • Last year, Kickoff added $7M to match coaches and clients.

Along those lines, on the Fitt Insider Podcast, Fitbod CEO Allen Chen said, “I don’t believe we could ever replace human personal trainers — that’s not our intention.” He insisted companies like his can use AI to empower health and fitness professionals.

Punchline: Cost, time, knowledge, and adherence are among the biggest barriers preventing people from starting—and sticking to—an exercise routine. By putting a human coach in everyone’s pocket, companies like CoPilot hope to remove those obstacles.

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