Equinox Unveils Luxury Loyalty Program


Equinox is playing the part of concierge to its clientele.

What’s happening: The high-end health club operator announced an exclusive program called Equinox Circle, granting gym members access and perks to luxury brands across healthtech, nutrition, travel, and more.

Its curated connections include sneaker resale site StockX, healthy meal delivery service Provenance Meals, supplements maker Thorne HealthTech, and a branded partnership with smart ring maker Oura.

Circle members will have access to purchase an exclusive Equinox Rest and Recovery Kit, featuring a smart ring, Equinox ring cover, and a complimentary one-year subscription to Oura’s platform.

Notably, the program’s initial launch precedes an extension of partnerships and a formal loyalty program later this year.

Member services. While Equinox starts to redefine the out-of-club experience, its in-club membership is also getting a revamp.

Late last year, Equinox was on track to regain 90% of its pre-pandemic members, with average weekly check-ins increasing by over 65%.

But, like other high-end operators, the gym group has had to balance member experience with high overhead, including pressures in competing for the industry’s top trainers.

With a greater share of members seeking out personal training services, Equinox is tapping into a new performance training initiative to give its clientele the results they want:

  • Committed to hiring 5K Performance Coaches over the next two years
  • Worked with Lionel University on an accelerated certification program for uncredentialed candidates, with the cost fully covered by Equinox
  • Partnered with Hiring Our Heroes, providing full scholarships, ongoing training, and club placement to returning US veterans

Looking ahead: The pandemic opened the public’s eyes to the fact that while the gym is essential, there’s a lot to life outside of it too. Upping the value of its membership, Equinox and its partners see an opportunity to redefine the luxury wellness lifestyle.

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