Exos Launches Employee Burnout Coaching


Performance coaching company Exos wants to prevent employee burnout.

For context: A pioneer of elite performance training, Exos works with top-level athletes and organizations. Well-established in workplace wellness, it serves about a third of Fortune 100 companies.

The latest: Expanding its offerings, the brand launched The Game Changer, a workplace wellness program focused on combatting employee burnout.

Developed as a hybrid offering, The Game Changer digital experience is a six-week program with self-led challenges and team-based coach check-ins. Meanwhile, The Game Changer LIVE sends an Exos coach on-site for a two-day immersive workshop.

According to Exos, a pilot of the program saw 70% of participants reporting reduced stress, with over 90% indicating it reignited passion and purpose in their work.

Why it matters: Responding to record levels of stress, especially among workers, performance-focused startups are expanding their offerings beyond physical training.

  • Recovery tech brand Hyperice is equipping workplaces (and Exos contractors) with its mental and physical performance tools.
  • This summer, WHOOP launched Unite, a program for employers to quantify and address burnout in its workforce.
  • 1:1 personal training app Future says 94% of participants in its workplace wellness program talk to their coach about nutrition, stress, sleep, and injury.

Takeaway: Faced with quiet quitting and questionable productivity, subscriptions for mindfulness and fitness content aren’t cutting it for employers who expect results. As such, expect more holistic and performance-minded approaches to workplace wellness ahead.

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