Eyeing VR Fitness, Liteboxer Expands Beyond the Fight Game


Liteboxer is taking a swing at VR fitness.

For context: Liteboxer debuted in July 2020 with a connected LED punching bag, riding pandemic-inflated demand to a $20M Series A in mid-2021.

But as hardware sales went haywire by year’s end, the cardio-boxing brand was already pivoting, adapting its boxing workout for Meta Quest 2 and launching Liteboxer Go, low-cost, punch-tracking wearables that only require an app

The latest: As VR fitness takes hold, Liteboxer launched Total Body, new programming that goes beyond throwing punches. Liteboxer CEO Jeff Morin says the new HIIT-style experience brings a real-life studio into the home:

“We have captured what is intrinsically motivating about having a coach in your face pushing you to get in a couple more reps and bring it to the headset, for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership and with the convenience of not having to leave your home.”

Ready Player One

Virtual reality fitness is still nascent, and because the standard VR consoles only use handle-held joysticks for control, boxing’s compatibility has made it a primary form of exercise. But maybe not for long.

  • In February, LES MILLS launched an adaptation of its cardio-boxing class BODYCOMBAT on Meta Quest.
  • In October 2021, Meta sought to acquire the creators of Supernatural, a VR fitness game for boxing, aerobics, and meditation.
  • FitXR, an Oculus-hosted fitness platform for boxing, dance, and HIIT, quadrupled its memberbase over the past 12 months.

Looking ahead: The FTC is reportedly seeking to block Meta’s acquisition of Supernatural, worrying the tech giant would own a monopoly on VR fitness. But, Apple’s “Reality One” headset is looming, and Liteboxer’s Jeff Morin has already confirmed his platform will be available on both.

Punchline: For Liteboxer, VR workouts are shaping up to be a much bigger market, and a more enticing opportunity, than connected fitness.

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