F45 Training Enters Pilates with New Studio Concept


F45 Training introduced FS8, a new studio concept that combines yoga, Pilates, and toning in a 45-minute, circuit-based workout.

What it is: The low-intensity/impact version of its HIIT-based F45 program, FS8 classes utilize a Reformer, mat work, light weights, and resistance bands.

The plan: Following the blueprint of its parent company, FS8 launched in Australia, where it looks to gain a foothold. In 2021, the goal is 50 flagship studios across the country, followed by as many as 500 studios in coming years.

The big picture: F45 Training is a fast-growing fitness franchise with over 2,000 studios across more than 60 countries.

Early in 2020, the company was planning an IPO. Then, F45 entered into an agreement with Crescent Acquisition Corp to go public in a SPAC merger but pulled the plug, citing pandemic-related uncertainty.

Looking ahead. Taking a portfolio approach could be the key to sustained success. Equinox and Xponential Fitness have proven the model. Last year, Barry’s launched its own cycling studio to diversify. And with FS8, F45 is the latest boutique brand to follow that playbook.

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