Herself Health Raises $26M for Holistic, Women-tailored Health Clinics

Herself Health

As world population skews older, Herself Health is accelerating to care for those often overlooked.

The latest: The value-based healthcare company, offering care to women over the age of 65, secured $26M in a Series A to expand its footprint and accelerate its digital strategy.

The funding round comes just six months after the company raised $7M to open its first clinic in Minneapolis.

What is it: Herself Health provides primary care to a generation of women who are underserved in the health landscape.

The company adopts a holistic approach to care, addressing all branches of well-being—including physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and social—through customized treatments, prevention plans, and ongoing dialogue.

According to CEO Kristen Helton, the emphasis is on ensuring women have the support and care they need to thrive— independently—through the later stages of their life:

“Women 65+ face unique health and social challenges as they age, and for far too long, their concerns, needs, and desires have been ignored. That’s why we are designing Herself Health to be the value-based solution to improve outcomes and help women find joy, purpose, and better quality of life.”

Why it matters: By 2030, one in six people (1.4B) will be aged 60 years or over. By 2050, this figure will almost double to 2.1B. But the “golden years” aren’t going to plan — currently, most people in the Western world are spending the last 10% of their life in decline, according to Dr. William Kapp of Fountain Life.

While there is a need for reactive care, particularly for those that are underrepresented in the healthcare system, intuitive and preemptive health would have a considerable impact on quality of life.

Looking ahead: Healthcare providers have long served as treaters and curers, but moving forward, they will assume the role of advisors and carers. The onus is on the individual, with assistance and guidance from private services such as Herself Health, to care for themselves in a more preventative manner, whether that be through more considered nutritional choices, regularly practicing self-care, or engaging in more fulfilling life activities — all of which contribute to a longer and healthier life.

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