Longevity Startup Modern Age Shutters

Modern Age

Startup funding is slowing down.

The news: Hybrid longevity clinic Modern Age closed its doors last week.

In an email to members, founder and CEO Melissa Eamer said the company could not secure the capital necessary to continue.

Forever young. Founded in 2021, Modern Age debuted its NYC-based “aging wellness destination” and telehealth platform the following year.

Seeking to maximize healthspan via preventative diagnostics, bone scans, blood draws, IV therapies, prescriptions, and more, the company attracted $33M in funding.

Pushing growth, it opened a second brick-and-mortar clinic in the Upper East Side last year, but the outlook wasn’t sufficient to sustain operations or attract additional capital.

Timekeepers. Zeroing in on subjective age, the concept that how you feel matters more than years alive, Modern Age was one of many upstarts rethinking chronological aging.

As the longevity market booms, Elysium Health, TruDiagnostic, GlycanAge, and others are leveraging at-home tests to optimize biological age (how old your cells are).

Another approach, digital and in-person concepts—from Lifeforce and Tally Health to MIORA and Serotonin Centers—package lifespan-enhancing wellness services.

Punchline: The allure of more healthy years has piqued the interest of customers and VCs, but investors are cinching the purse strings amid economic uncertainty. Being default alive, as YC founder Paul Graham explains, is the only way for startups to avoid death.

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