NBA Hall of Famer Steve Nash Launches Athletic Longevity App


Former NBA star Steve Nash wants to end early retirements from the sports people love.

What’s happening: BLOCK, an athletic training platform co-founded by Nash and film producer Kit Hawkins, debuted its holistic, longevity-focused membership app to the public.

With injury prevention, recovery, and performance as pillars of its programming, the app’s live and on-demand classes—some led by Nash himself—target amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to stay in the game.

BLOCK will launch with 10 sport-specific disciplines, including running, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling, pickleball, and more.

Why it matters: Beyond pro and elite athletes, recreational sports have a vital role to play in the inactivity epidemic facing not only America’s youth but its adults too. Unfortunately, the majority are hanging ’em up early.

  • According to a Harvard survey, 73% of adults played sports in their youth, but only 25% still play.
  • While 60M Americans participate in some form of weekly sport, over 35% drop off after age 35, with the most common reason being injury.
  • Only 20% of adults 50 and over remain engaged in recreational sports they used to play regularly.

Looking ahead: Tapping trends in mobility, low-impact strength training, and active recovery, BLOCK joins athletics-rooted TB12 and pliability in catering to today’s holistic-minded exerciser, who wishes to feel better, for longer.

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