Nike Introduces Well Collective


Nike wants to stand for more than sports.

The latest: The brand best known for ties to elite athletes is broadening appeal with the launch of Nike Well Collective. The new corporate vision marks a commitment to embrace expanding definitions of wellness — integrating mind, body, and life for a more inclusive approach to fitness, sport, and holistic health.

  • Products, services, and experiences will revolve around five holistic pillars — movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest, and connection.
  • To support the pivot, Nike will add over 1K new global fitness trainers to its roster and enlist a host of trusted health experts, academics, scientists, and researchers.
  • On June 13, Nike renamed @niketraining social handles to @nikewellcollective and rebranded Nike Live stores to Nike Well Collective stores.

VP, Global Nike Women’s Brand Management Liz Weldon says Well Collective was developed with insights from Nike’s female consumers in mind, but the offerings are intended for all:

“We’re a sport company, but I also see us as a movement and wellness company — this means embracing and celebrating all forms of movement and all health journeys, and being your authentic self.” 

Beyond sport. Holistic health is finding a home in more fitness companies as consumers make clear where their values lie. The majority of Americans now cite mental and emotional well-being as their primary motivation for exercise — and countless brands are trying to evolve alongside them.

  • Hyperice redefined itself as a “holistic high-performance wellness” brand after acquiring meditation company Core in 2021.
  • Therabody evolved from athletic recovery brand to holistic health maven, opening Reset wellness centers and adding self-care offerings, like stress-relieving SmartGoggles and sound therapy content.
  • Athletic Greens became AG1 in 2021 — an attempt to move beyond athletes and reach more female consumers.
  • This year, Beachbody changed its name to BODi, added a mindset content pillar, and redirected marketing to promote mental and emotional health over appearance ideals.

Takeaway: Remaining relevant in a post-pandemic world where wellness rules means having a suite of holistic solutions that feels accessible to all, not just athletes. If Nike’s serious about supporting global health, an approach encapsulating every facet of life—from sport to stress-relief—is nonnegotiable.

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