Strava Inks Tour de France Partnership

Strava, the GPS-tracking social network for athletes, signed a three-year partnership with Tour de France and the Tour de France Femmes.

The “storytelling” partnership taps athlete data and media to drive engagement for racers and endurance sports enthusiasts alike.

Tracking Strava’s Rise

Reaching 99M athletes, Strava is the largest sports community in the world. More than a workout log, social sharing has contributed to the company’s meteoric rise.

In 2021, activity reached record levels:

  • 1.8 billion activity uploads
  • 20 billion miles covered across all activities
  • Two million new members joined per month

But, this partnership with the Tour de France and Femmes organizations highlights a unique aspect of its platform: World-class athletes log their workouts just like weekend warriors do — and that creates world-class content for Strava.


Many pro athletes already use Strava, even in the biggest moments.

During the summer and winter Olympics, members could follow American runner Molly Seidel, French biathlete Quentin Fillon Maillet, and countless pro cyclists during training.

In fact, most Tour de France riders are on Strava. In 2021…

  • 72% of cyclists in the Tour de France uploaded race efforts.
  • Racers logged 62% of stage wins in the 2021 Tour.

The big deal. The Tour de France partnership aims to take athlete/fan engagement to a whole new level.

Fans can dive into the segment performance of each racer with daily activity uploads and metrics. Tour riders will also upload photos and provide commentary, allowing Strava users to compare with and inspire their own athletic pursuits.

And, with the inaugural Tour de France Femmes event kicking off in 2022, the deal could help catapult female cyclists into the spotlight.

Speaking to the partnership, Strava CEO and co-founder Michael Horvath spoke to the opportunity for women but also the fans:

“This partnership and future events on Strava will let more riders, including the women’s peloton, engage with cyclists around the world in new ways and inspire cyclists regardless of gender, age or where they live.”

Takeaway: Combining data, media, and marketing, brands are getting creative. Strava’s deal follows WHOOP broadcasting heart rate data at the Ryder Cup, Supersapiens displaying on-screen blood glucose levels of IRONMAN competitors, and Hyperice integrating its massage gun into NBA 2K. Look for more companies to follow suit in an effort to engage committed users and reach new consumers.

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