The $10B Gummy Vitamin Boom

Supplements now come in delicious bite-sized pieces.

What’s happening: From CBD to vitamin D, cognitive boost or menstrual cramps, today’s most popular dietary supplements are becoming personalized, functional gummies.

Behind the trend: As more consumers seek specific health outcomes from what they eat, wellness-boosting foods are in.

A shortcut, and form of nutritional insurance, the supplements industry is expected to balloon to $505B by 2028. Gaining traction, the gummies category is set to reach $10.6B by 2025.

Designed for convenient, repeat consumption, gummy supplements side-step the negative connotation of medicine while signaling the same pleasure centers of the brain as sugary sweets.

The players. As the gummy craze catches on, brands are narrowing their focus to stand out.

  • Nourished, a company creating personalized, 3D-printed gummy supplements, recently partnered with Neutrogena on a skincare-focused collection.
  • Both HUM Nutrition and women’s health-focused FLO create a PMS-alleviating gummy for cramps, bloating, and acne.
  • PYM, a brand launched by Robin Williams’ son Zak, sells Mood Chews formulated to help depression and anxiety.
  • Unilever acquired gummy makers SmartyPants and OLLY Nutrition, expanding from generalized multivitamins to lines for specific populations and health goals.

Big picture: Whether they need them or not, 80% of Americans take supplements. But, personalization could make them more efficacious. Gummies, with their addictive taste and destigmatizing form factor, will make everything from gut health to menopause to erectile dysfunction more palatable.

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