Tom Brady’s TB12 Partners with Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete

House of Athlete

Athletic longevity is the next big thing in sports, and everyone wants in on 42-year-old Tom Brady’s secret.

What’s happening: TB12, the performance and active recovery brand co-founded by Tom Brady, announced a partnership with House of Athlete, an elite-level athletic training brand founded by former NFL great Brandon Marshall.

As TB12 continues its expansion, its coaching will now be offered to athletes at two HOA facilities in Florida, popular destinations for NFL Combine participants.

Between the lines: Once dismissed as over-the-top, Tom Brady’s “pliability” programming is becoming central to a holistic sports training mindset that values recovery and mental fitness as much as it does physical achievement.

A trickle-down effect, these protocols are in high demand from NFL-ready athletes to the everyday exerciser.

According to Marshall, the partnership with TB12 unlocks access to “philosophies and methodologies that are typically reserved for the Brandon Marshall’s, Tom Brady’s and Serena Williams’ of the world.”

The “pro” in proprietor. Like Brady and Marshall, more athletes are investing in and starting performance-focused companies.

  • In 2022, Serena Williams’ venture firm invested $111M into health and wellness startups, including Will Perform, a recovery brand she co-founded.
  • Fellow tennis star Naomi Osaka is an investor in Hyperice, Modern Health, and Sweetgreen, while her skincare brand KINLÒ entered Walmart.
  • Last year, former NBA star Steve Nash launched BLOCK, a training app focused on athletic longevity while NFLer Russell Wilson raised $2.5M for his mental fitness app Limitless Minds.
  • Kevin Durant invested in Therabody and Future while Patrick Mahomes invested in Hyperice and BioSteel; both stars backed WHOOP and Major League Pickleball.

Punchline: From stacked portfolios to full-blown empires, athletes are cashing in by using their star power to sell high performance.

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