Ultrahuman’s Health Tracking Platform Adds $35M


Ultrahuman is pursuing health tracking in all its forms.

The latest: The Indian healthtech company raised $35M from Blume Ventures, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal, and others to scale its multi-device ecosystem.

Quantified Self

Competing in the smart ring wars, Ultrahuman claims to be the second-largest player behind Oura.

But there’s more to its health tracking platform.

CGM+. Starting with CGM tech, Ultrahuman is adding new software and hardware layers.

  • 2021: The company raised $17.5M, pivoting from fitness content to glucose tracking.
  • 2022: It launched its first-gen smart ring after acquiring wearable maker LazyCo.
  • 2023: It debuted longevity-focused diagnostics service Blood Vision.
  • 2024: Ultrahuman introduced Home, a device that quantifies a healthy living environment.

While most of its revenue still comes from CGMs and subscriptions, Ultrahuman’s new efforts are stacking up — the company is on pace to surpass $100M in ARR this year.

TBD. With CGM manufacturers Dexcom and Abbott launching DTC platforms, metabolic health may see a shake-up — including Ultrahuman’s Abbott-supported program.

On another front, while Ultrahuman’s Ring AIR battles France’s Circular for the “world’s lightest” smart ring, Oura named both companies in an ITC patent infringement suit.

Punchline: Glucose or sleep, ambient temp or biological age, Ultrahuman and its investors are betting on end-to-end health tracking.

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