Volt Athletics Acquires ZAMA Health, Pushes Holistic Performance

Volt Athletics

Volt Athletics is investing in sports psychology.

What’s happening: The AI athletic training platform acquired ZAMA Health, a mental health app supporting athletes and coaches.

Enhancing its platform with ZAMA’s self-guided check-ins, peer-to-peer engagement, and access to sports psychology clinicians, Volt aims to redefine athletic development.

Head game. Creating personalized strength and conditioning programs, Volt’s 2M+ memberbase reflects its efforts to serve collegiate and pro athletic departments.

By acquiring ZAMA, Volt is highlighting athletic training’s often-overlooked piece.

  • Student-athletes have a 22% risk for depression, 12% for anxiety, and 8% for low self-esteem.
  • 16% of male and 35% of female collegiate athletes feel mentally exhausted.
  • 35% of elite athletes experience a mental health disorder.

Rallying Support

Specialized support is a game-changer, but sports psychologists aren’t widely accessible — and many athletes are hesitant to ask for help.

Stepping in, tech-driven platforms are mainstreaming mental health tools, with collegiate sports competitors The Zone and OnBalance also creating pathways from tracking to treatment.

Punchline: Athletic potential and longevity extend beyond the weight room. As orgs prioritize keeping their players in a good headspace, tools that can quantify, triage, address, and even prevent problems will be a must-have.

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