Vuori, Pvolve Partner For Community Activations


Vuori and Pvolve are going on tour.

The latest: The apparel maker and fitness company are hosting co-branded activations to promote Vuori’s new BlissBlend fabric for women, pairing Pvolve’s signature low-impact workout with complimentary fits.

Community over intensity. Both young and in expansion mode, Vuori and Pvolve share laid-back attitudes toward athleticism, making for a smart community crossover.

Pvolve made waves in June when Jennifer Aniston joined as an advisor, but even before, it was ramping up hybrid offerings with the aim of 250 studios by 2025.

Meanwhile, Vuori’s adding 25 store openings a year as it pushes global growth, with a strategy hinged on introducing the brand through hyperlocal events featuring workouts, meditation classes, aura readings, and more.

Of note, Vuori started as a men’s-only brand but now sees half its sales from women, making a partnership with female-focused Pvolve particularly valuable.

Zooming out: An omnichannel strategy anchored by IRL experiences is a proven playbook for activewear companies aspiring to be lifestyle brands.

  • Alo reached cult status with exclusive retreats and experiential retail, enabling entry into skincare, supplements, and more.
  • On Running’s global Track Nights (more Coachella than commerce) invite community over live music, food trucks, and a lineup of world-class track talent.
  • Nike’s impending group fitness studios will provide a third space for its fans to bond.

Breeding belonging, Tracksmith stores even offer free locker storage for group training participants.

The ROI on connectedness can’t be overstated. Beyond serving an antidote to loneliness, brand-sponsored social fitness events drive evangelism in an oversaturated athleisure market.

Punchline: All in on omnichannel, Vuori is using brick-and-mortar to build community and showcase the lifestyle behind the brand.

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