WHOOP Targets Interoperability with New Developer Kit


WHOOP is opening up its ecosystem.

What’s happening: WHOOP launched a developer platform to create third-party integrations with other apps. Currently syncing with Apple Health, Strava, and TrainingPeaks, WHOOP hopes to extend its performance-minded insights to broader audiences.

What it means: Interoperability enables next-gen personalization. And the first-movers have already given a taste of what’s coming:

  • pliability (fka ROMWOD) piloted the developer platform, using WHOOP recovery scores to inform its users’ mobility programming.
  • Earlier this year, Strava acquired and integrated Recover Athletics, enabling logged data to be used for visualizing the risk of overtraining and prescribing prehab.
  • This September, Google Cloud and Fitbit launched Device Connect, an interoperability platform helping doctors and researchers use wearable data.

As more consumers adopt connected devices, the potential use cases for personalization multiply exponentially. According to Kyriakos Eleftheriou, CEO of health data interoperability platform TERRA, we’re just scratching the surface:

“Recommendations could be improved everywhere—not just fitness—if the data weren’t sitting in silos of different wearables.”

Big picture: As consumers seek out individualized health insights, data collected from wearables will become the building blocks for personal training apps, remote patient monitoring, and more.

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