Strava Acquires Prehab App Recover Athletics

Strava acquired Recover Athletics, an injury prevention platform for endurance athletes.

Strengthening its subscription membership, Strava’s athlete social network wants to keep users active.

Injury-free Community

Recover Athletics is all about prehab. Its app recommends personalized recovery routines that show athletes—particularly runners—how to strengthen their bodies and reduce soreness in order to prevent injury.

An unfortunate reality of training, as running and endurance sports boom, the rise of sports injuries will inevitably follow. According to studies, 79% of runners sustain some form of injury each year.

In a conversation with Fitt Insider, Recover CEO Nick Stewart spoke to the need for making cutting-edge sports medicine available to all athletes:

“Our app is unique because it’s truly evidence-based and fully integrated into the athlete’s lifestyle.”

The acquisition makes sense because, for many athletes, Strava is central to their training.

  • 7B+ activities have been shared on Strava to date.
  • 40M activities are uploaded per week.
  • Strava has 99M users across every country in the world.
  • 2,400+ professional athletes use the platform.

Prior acquaintances. No strangers, prior to the acquisition, Recover’s platform had API integration with Strava. The move let athletes use their logged data to visualize their risk of overtraining and save prehab workouts on Strava, just like rides and runs.

Notably, Recover also secured its first paying customers by using its own Strava club as beta testers.

Looking ahead: Strava has been peddling content and product releases to bolster its paid membership. Using Strava’s data, Recover Athletics will enlist its physicians to develop programs for every sport Strava tracks. In turn, the partnership will keep moving, and paying.

*Fitt Insider is an investor in Recover Athletics. We invest in early-stage health, fitness, and wellness companies. Learn more and get in touch here.

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