WHOOP Unveils AI-Powered Coach


WHOOP is removing the guesswork from health tracking.

What’s happening: The wearable maker unveiled WHOOP Coach, a personalized 24/7 health coach powered by Open AI’s GPT-4. Among its features, it…

  • Translates unique goals, biometric data, and WHOOP Journal entries into hyper-specific health and fitness plans
  • Dissects data across baselines to link behaviors with predicted physiological responses
  • Answers open-ended health, fitness, science, and membership-related questions

Of note, WHOOP Coach builds on Strength and Stress features released earlier this year, providing custom insights spanning all areas of wellness.

Why it matters: Pushing past surface-level insights, generative AI makes it easier for wearable users to understand and adapt their behaviors toward desired outcomes.

And, ease of use will be key to adoption as the tech expands beyond optimizers to help casual exercisers boost everyday wellness, with the long-term goal of clinical integration.

Watch the throne. Competing with WHOOP, Apple plans to streamline UX with its own comprehensive smart coach. A standalone subscription, the addition would seamlessly integrate data across its smartwatch, Health app, fitness, and Journal features.

But, research has shown that a fully automated approach isn’t ideal, leaving room for human coaches to add value with empathy and accountability.

Punchline: Tools for self-optimization are as widespread as ever, empowering consumers to track everything from sleep, stress, and blood glucose to fertility. But, with the metrics stacking up, WHOOP and Apple see AI assistance as key to avoiding overwhelm.

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