#175: Will Ahmed, Founder & CEO of WHOOP

Today, I’m joined by Will Ahmed, founder & CEO of WHOOP, a performance-focused wearables maker.

Founded in 2012, WHOOP developed a screenless wearable device and data platform delivering real-time analysis of recovery, sleep, and overall performance. Through partner integrations and advances in sensor technology, the brand continues to decode optimal health for its users.

In this episode, Will returns to the podcast for the first time since 2019, sharing the company’s evolution from activity tracking to health monitoring, its role in the future of healthcare, and upcoming product development.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How WHOOP listens to its users in creating new features
  • How WHOOP is doubling down on existing members through economic uncertainty
  • Will’s vision for improving healthcare through wearables


(00:00) Introduction
(02:16) WHOOP updates
(07:20) Challenges over the past few years
(10:24) WHOOP research
(14:39) Building features around customer data
(17:35) Predictive preventive recommendations
(20:01) Wearable technologies
(24:10) Education component of wearables
(26:31) Performance marketing and growth channels
(29:38) Preventing customer churn
(31:37) WHOOP product customization
(33:53) Future growth plans
(36:38) WHOOP Unite and giving data access to others
(38:46) Differentiating WHOOP from other wearables
(40:38) Conclusion


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