#87: Sam Cole, Co-founder & CEO of FitXR

Today Iā€™m joined by Sam Cole, co-founder & CEO of FitXR ā€” a virtual fitness club bringing fun and immersive workouts to the home.

In this episode, Sam breaks down the innovation happening in virtual reality. We talk about the potential for VR fitness to make working out fun and engaging for an entirely new audience beyond exercise enthusiasts. And we discuss the future of personalization, community, and group workouts in VR.

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Sam is the CEO and a co-founder of FitXR. Sam began his career as a management consultant at PwC in Auckland, New Zealand and then worked in private equity after moving to London in 2014. As a firm believer of the benefits of regular exercise for physical and mental health, Sam has always kept fit. Since the conception of VR, he has had a vision of delivering immersive fitness through VR to motivate people to keep fit, by providing access to guided workouts and programs in a highly personalized environment. After meeting Sameer at business school, they decided to launch FitXR to deliver this vision together.

Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in law and finance from Otago University. He earned his MBA from Cambridge University.

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