Apple Watch Gets Health and Fitness Upgrades


Apple Watch wants to do it all.

The news: Set to debut this fall, Apple previewed an array of health and fitness-focused WatchOS updates at its annual developer conference.

Prioritizing personalization, performance, and women’s health, new features provide detailed well-being insights.

Vitals. Already measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, wrist temperature, sleep duration, and blood oxygen, the new Vitals app translates data into a daily health status and alerts users when metrics are off baseline.

Pregnancy. Gestational age will be displayed within the Cycle Tracking app — along with prompts to log pregnancy-related mental and physical symptoms.

Training. Recognizing recovery’s role, the new Training Load feature calculates the progressive toll of workouts on the body and warns users if strain is ramping up.

Goal setting. Adding customization, users can now personalize activity goals by day of the week and leverage a new pause feature to preserve streaks on rest days.

Dialing in to stay ahead, the tech giant looks to outmaneuver competitors like Oura, Garmin, and WHOOP while laying the foundation for an AI-powered health coach rumored to be in the works.

Elsewhere… new features like expanded GPS-enabled sports sessions and hiking routes round out the software’s additions.

Looking ahead: With glucose and hydration tracking sensors in development, Apple is aiming to make its wearable the center of connected health and fitness.

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