Barry’s Relaunches RIDE x LIFT Studio


Barry’s is rolling out indoor cycling studios.

What it is: RIDE x LIFT is the interval studio’s latest format.

Like its traditional classes, members alternate between cardio-based and strength training programming. But, in this case, the bike replaces the treadmill, making for a more accessible and lower-impact workout.

Restart. Developed in a dedicated space adjacent to the brand’s Chelsea NYC studio, RIDE was tested and slated to debut pre-COVID, but it was sidelined as gyms shuttered.

Now, as in-person workouts rebound, the company is relaunching RIDE with plans to add more cities.

Looking ahead: Barry’s CEO Joey Gonzalez told us in a forthcoming episode of the Fitt Insider Podcast that bringing RIDE to fruition has been a “dream” of his for over a decade.

Expanding the brand’s footprint, the plan is to co-locate RIDE studios within or in close proximity to existing Barry’s locations.

Meanwhile… As Barry’s taps its premium brand and cult following to help chart new growth, SoulCycle is laying off staff and shuttering studios, signifying the uneven recovery for brick-and-mortar fitness.

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