Biolinq Raises $58M for Noninvasive Glucose Sensor


Needle-free glucose tracking is a matter of when, not if.

The latest: Biolinq added $58M in new funding for its minimally invasive glucose monitor. The company plans to complete clinical trials and seek FDA clearance this year.

Using microsensors to measure blood sugar levels from just beneath the skin’s surface, Biolinq’s CGM patch is painless, making nondiabetics more likely to try it.

Surfacing. Dexcom and Abbott dominate CGM hardware, but device makers are racing to replace invasive sensors with ones that don’t break the skin.

  • Aiming for a 2025 launch, Spiden recently added $15M for its wrist wearable.
  • Last year, HAGAR closed a $5M Series C for its radio frequency technology.
  • Also leveraging RF, Know Labs is preparing to launch its needleless system.

On the path to FDA approval, medtech startups are using fresh funds to fuel large-scale studies, but they’re not alone in pursuit. Armed with in-house capital, tech giants Apple and Samsung are also investing heavily in metabolic health moonshots.

Looking ahead: Pending a tech breakthrough, blood sugar could become a major health metric for everyone — not just diabetics. Mainstreaming prevention, next-gen CGMs could play a key role in reversing the metabolic health crisis.

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