CrossFit Hands Off “Precision Care” Initiative


CrossFit’s latest healthcare experience has ended.

The latest: The functional fitness company is transitioning its Precision Care program to Wild Health, a performance-focused telehealth provider.

Launched in 2021, then-CEO Eric Roza described its in-house primary care as “fitness meeting healthcare for the first time.”

The plan. Part personalized care, part health optimization, the offering included:

  • Genomic testing
  • Blood testing
  • Longevity analysis
  • Lifestyle review

Additionally, members were paired with a CrossFitting doctor and support coach for remote/ongoing access.

The reality. According to CrossFit, Precision Care received an “enthusiastic” reception with “thousands” of sign-ups. But, the excitement didn’t last.

Less than two years later, the company is “transitioning” the members to Wild Health, effectively shutting the program down.

Looking ahead: After purchasing CrossFit in 2020, Roza told us “CrossFit Health and healthcare initiatives” were key growth vectors for the company. But, having already departed the CEO role, and with word of new layoffs hitting the company, it’s not clear where healthcare fits into CrossFit’s business model.

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