FITNESS SF Adds InsideTracker to Membership


Gyms are putting bloodwork before barbells.

What’s happening: Bay Area gym chain FITNESS SF partnered with InsideTracker, providing healthspan diagnostics as a membership add-on.

The new offering grants access to InsideTracker’s analysis from biannual blood tests and a one-time DNA swab, delivering ongoing recommendations for health and longevity.

FITNESS SF will also educate its coaches to integrate results into client training.

Why it matters: Leapfrogging wearables as a mainstream membership perk, blood biometrics are powering precision health plans for exercisers. Enabled by high-touch digital platforms, reps are looking more Rx by the day.

Of note, earlier this month, premium health club Equinox announced a diagnostics partnership with Function Health, adding cardiovascular, metabolic, and hormonal insights from its members’ tests into its protocols.

Early adopters, FITNESS SF and Equinox represent important pilots in movement as medicine, where gyms look less like fitness centers and more like clinics.

Looking ahead: On their own, blood tests won’t drive people to the gym, but data that proves stronger gains and better health outcomes might. With FITNESS SF and InsideTracker testing the waters, it feels like a turning point toward the gym of the future.

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