John Mackey’s New Business Enters Telehealth

Whole Foods

The Whole Foods co-founder has been busy after departing the grocery chain last year.

Holistic health. While details remain sparse, Mackey has already raised $31M for a new business venture described as an “evidence-based lifestyle company.”

Incorporated as Health America LLC but operating under the Love.Life banner, early reports teased physical locations that combined food, healthcare, and wellness services.

Integrated wellness. Enabling a hybrid offering, Love.Life acquired telemedicine provider Plant Based TeleHealth, rebranding to Love.Life Telehealth.

Using lifestyle medicine to prevent and reverse chronic diseases, virtual visits will complement in-person medical offerings that promote health behavior change and a plant-based diet.

On trend. As rates of obesity and diabetes spiral out of control, killer foods are coming under greater scrutiny. Meanwhile, consumers are willing to pay a premium for nutritious and personalized eats. Taking notice, Love.Life is making food as medicine a pillar of its platform.

Be on the lookout: According to Mackey, telehealth visits are now available and physical locations—with onsite care—will begin opening next year.

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