lululemon Launches Mens Shoes


lulu’s five-year plan is in motion.

The news: Two years after its women’s shoe launch, the apparel maker is adding mens — dropping a casual sneaker on Feb. 13, followed by running models in coming months.

Chasing a $12.5B revenue goal by 2026, lulu has spent the past few years testing strategies. Skincare and connected fitness didn’t stick, but it sees more footwear in its future.

Industry vets. As upstarts crowd the space, long-time leaders are working to maintain their stronghold. For lulu’s part, it’s doubling men’s sales while expanding hiking, tennis, and golf.

Meanwhile, Nike’s North American sales slumped after it attempted a DTC pivot last year. Now, it’s cutting $2B in costs and re-upping wholesale contracts.

On the offensive, it’s reorienting around holistic wellness, pushing group fitness, selling strength equipment, and growing women’s.

Rookie vibes. Speaking to subcultures, newcomers are shifting the landscape.

  • All in on high fashion, Alo’s sales are >$1B.
  • Selling sustainable running, On’s revenue neared $2B last year.
  • Merging nutrition and fitness, Tom Brady x NOBULL are plotting an empire.

Meanwhile, HOKA, Tracksmith, and Bandit are dominating specialty running — forcing apparel giants to adapt.

Punchline: Beyond premium products, consumers expect brands to deliver on culture. Tapping new niches, lulu and Nike hope to reinforce who they’re for… even if that’s everyone.

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