Modern Acupuncture Studio WTHN Lands $5M


As western well-being falters, more consumers are looking east.

The latest: WTHN, a modern wellness clinic specializing in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), raised $5M in a Series A led by L Catterton.

Combining hands-on therapies with herbal remedies for holistic wellness and pain management, the omnichannel brand is set to expand beyond its two NYC studios.

Of note, L Catterton recently bought wellness supplement maker Thorne HealthTech and backs personalized longevity company Tally Health.

Borrowing a Page

Forsaken by America’s healthcare system, more consumers are seeking Eastern medicine to manage well-being.

From clinic to medicine cabinet, a number of upstart brands are making it more approachable.

  • East-meets-west online pharmacy Apothékary projected $25M in ’23 sales, with plans to enter retail.
  • Alo Yoga’s newest wellness supplement stack features Ayurvedic ingredients like amla and ashwagandha.
  • MUD\WTR, a coffee alternative made from TCM-aligned functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and chaga, just opened an adjoined meditation studio to its LA cafe.

Takeaway: From sauna to psychedelics to TCM, ancient rites and remedies are making their way into modern wellness. Pseudoscience to some, WTHN and others’ growing client base validates Americans will try anything to feel better.

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