Nike and Hyperice Debut Recovery Footwear, Apparel

Nike x Hyperice

Hyperice and Nike know what athletes need.

The latest: The healthtech company and activewear icon unveiled wearable “pre-covery” tools, designed to optimize warmups, cooldowns, and overall performance.

Taking the form of a high-top shoe, the Nike x Hyperice Boot combines heat and compression massage to keep feet and ankles mobile.

Meanwhile, the Nike x Hyperice Vest has built-in contrast therapy capabilities — instantly heating and cooling the body while autonomously monitoring temperature.

Focus group. Tapping its elite roster—including LeBron James and legendary marathoner Eliud Kipchoge—as testers, Nike’s consumer research is unparalleled.

Gathering feedback and iterating, the two companies have been developing the tech for years. Athletes will sport the new gear at the Summer Olympics, with commercial release TBD.

Future-proof. As competition mounts in their respective sectors, the collab boosts both brands.

Evolving as indie brands emerge, Nike diversified across holistic wellness, group fitness, gym equipment, and women’s sports. Now, it’s reminding people the pros still prefer its products.

Entering new territory, Hyperice is out to prove it’s the true recovery innovator.

Punchline: While its definition of “athlete” expands, Nike is sticking to its aspirational ethos. Teaming with the Swoosh, Hyperice gains elite endorsement and stays ahead of the curve.

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