Pedaling Content: Netflix Plans Tour de France Docuseries

Netflix is doubling down on the success of its Drive to Survive F1 docuseries, ordering a behind-the-scenes look into the Tour de France.

Need to know: The Tour de France is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. And the sport of cycling is on the rise.

What to watch for: As the endurance sport economy booms, the Tour de France is seeing more athlete activation than ever. Its partnership with Strava unlocks daily cyclist data and photos as content. And the Netflix deal will promote the sport with cinematics.

Also in the works: Netflix is reeling in more eyeballs with forthcoming series for the ATP Tour, WTA Tour, and PGA Tour.

Cashing in. While the F1 series brings more passionate fans into the mix, very few of them will ever drive a racecar. But, with road cycling becoming even more accessible through in-home trainers like Zwift, and recreational sports like tennis and golf heating up, Netflix’s coverage is sure to boost participation and equipment sales.

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