Peloton of Pilates: High-tech Reformers Have Arrived

Image: ReformRX

Smart bikes kicked off the connected fitness boom; now, Pilates wants in on the action.

Old school. Developed by physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the Pilates method spawned an entire industry, including certifications, equipment known as reformers, boutique studios, and more.

The boutique boom. The launchpad for Xponential Fitness, Club Pilates has more than 600 studios in North America, and the company has sold 900+ licenses globally. With more than 70 studios, earlier this year, [solidcore] secured an investment from VMG Partners to fuel expansion. And North Castle-backed SLT counts 20+ studios.

Connected Pilates. Following the Peloton of ‘X’ blueprint, high-tech rowing, strength training, and boxing upstarts have found success. Hoping to cash in, newcomers are betting on connected Pilates reformers.

  • Frame Fitness, a connected reformer, landed $5M in a round led by 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov.
  • Flexia, a smart reformer/content combo, was selected to participate in Techstars Sports’ most recent accelerator.
  • ReformRX, a UK-based smart equipment maker, is set to debut its connected Pilates machine.

Looking ahead: It’s too soon to tell if connected reformers will be a hit with exercisers, but investors and founders are still bullish on home workouts. This begs the question: What piece of fitness equipment will get the Peloton treatment next?

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