Rootine Raises $10M For Next-Gen Supplements


Precision nutrition is pushing into preventative medicine.

The latest: Rootine, a personalized nutrition company, secured $10M in a Series A round led by Relevance Ventures.

Using at-home lab tests, Rootine leverages blood biomarkers, DNA, and (soon) wearables data to recommend custom supplement subscriptions that optimize “cellular nutrition.”

According to CEO Rachel Sanders, Rootine’s “test-take-track” approach to nutrition is a turning point for the industry:

“That is where the future of health is going: a future that is data-driven and personalized. There is a health stack for the empowered consumer, and Rootine is an essential contributor.”

Additionally, the startup’s “microbead” formulas attract wellness optimizers with “products designed to enhance fitness, mental acuity, sleep, nutrition, and metabolic health through prescriptive solutions.”

Between the lines: Many experts agree daily multivitamins are a waste of money for most people. At the same time, blood tests to determine metabolic and nutritional deficiencies are common practice among nutritionists, naturopaths, and chronic disease professionals.

Emerging precision nutrition startups bridge the divide, using convenient at-home lab testing to tailor supplements to your body’s unique needs.

And they’re finding their mark…

  • In 2021, Vessel raised $8M for its urine-testing wellness platform.
  • Elo, a subscription service using biometric data to formulate personalized supplements, added $5M.
  • COR, a platform using an at-home blood spectrometer to recommend lifestyle changes, raised $12M this March.

Looking ahead: Vitamins will become a $505B industry by 2028. But, as consumers become smarter about their health, they’ll expect smarter supplements as well.

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