Smart Strength Startup Vitruvian Launches Commercial Sales


Connected fitness is shifting its clientele from consumer to commercial.

The latest: Vitruvian, makers of an AI-enabled strength training bench, launched a partner program for commercial gyms and hotels. The Aussie-born company has already signed up ~50 health clubs, who also act as third-party sellers of Trainer+ equipment.

Touting personalization and versatility, Vitruvian envisions a premium group fitness experience, where each attendee works out with a device that adapts to their ability.

Why it matters: Connected fitness didn’t kill the gym, but it did change the way many Americans exercise, bringing cutting-edge technology and highly produced content into the home.

Seeking growth channels beyond the consumer market, pitching office buildings, real estate developments, and hotels might actually be an easier sell. And many already have their foot in the door:

  • Last October, Peloton struck a deal with Hilton Hotels to put bikes in all 5,400+ of its properties.
  • Smart strength startup Tonal installs branded “Capsule” spaces in hotel fitness centers and rooms, as well as corporate offices.
  • Strength-focused companies Arena, Speede Fitness, and OxeFit are popular in collegiate and pro weight rooms, commercial gyms, and physical therapy offices.

Hybrid sales. Of note, European premium equipment maker Technogym prioritized B2B sales while expanding its direct-to-consumer effort. After leaning on the at-home segment during the pandemic, its commercial business rebounded last year, rising 30% YoY to €380M through November 2022.

Today, the company supplies over 80K health clubs, and a reported 300K homes, in 100 countries. CEO Nerio Alessandri sees place-agnostic equipment as the key:

“Business models which are able to intercept people in the various places and moments of their life—both at the gym and at home—will win.”

Looking ahead: From hotels, offices, airports, and wellness communities to connected fitness classes at the gym — smart equipment makers’ second act will depend on how fast they can shift from at-home to everywhere.

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